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Dental implants with crown
* only $1995 *

More affordable today than ever before

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we use the most advanced
dental planning software
for optimal patient care

digital scan of mouth, showing teeth and implant

We are now able to combine the digital plan for the tooth we wish to create with the placement of an implant in the ideal location to support it.
This greatly reduces our cost and we pass that savings on to our patients for a price of only $1995!

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Get Your Smile Back Carolina

We love placing dental implants and restoring smiles! Come on in for a free consult and hear how excited we are to put this new technology to work for you!

implant screw, abutment and crown

Dental Implant With Crown

Replacing a tooth with a dental implant is the closest thing to starting over that dentistry has to offer. The tooth is made complete by design and delivery of an "implant", "abutment", and "crown"

Dr. William Daily

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Dr. Daily has extensive experience in not only placing the dental implant, but restoring it with a crown as well! This ideal treatment choice has now become part of a single process at a single office.